About Us

It all started when...

We had a large group of running friends and when we looked around we realized that our running friends were among the most successful people we knew. Running and helping others set and achieve new goals was highly rewarding but we felt that there was something missing. 

We organized several opportunities to volunteer at local races and everyone always had a great time. We believed that giving back to the running community was important, but it was not enough. We wanted to have a larger impact on the community that we all call home. Thus L.O.U.D. Runners was born. 

We chose the name, which stands for Lifting Others Up Daily, because it places the emphasis on leading a positive life and always doing good, whether it be volunteering, donating, telling someone how much you appreciate them, or simply smiling at a stranger. 

Thinking and acting positively is a key to leading a happy life and it is contagious. Please join us and help spread happiness!